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Mid-sized marketing agency Sense was keen to raise its profile in the industry and prove itself as an innovator in the crowded experiential space.

Live experiences are increasingly becoming a key element and, in many cases, the focus of marketing and advertising campaigns, as consumers, particularly millennials, are looking for more authentic, tangible and real engagement from brands.

Consequently, Sense wanted to re-angle its offer towards being a real-world marketing agency, setting itself apart from the less strategic experiential practitioners and firmly in the brand space, with the view to attracting more direct business from brands as a lead agency rather than a support element.

What’s more, with the fragmentation of media, due to the growth of digital and social media, as a busy agency, Sense was finding it difficult to run its marketing in house, while also lacking the expertise. With different employees taking on different responsibilities, from social media management to blogging, there was little coordination taking place.

Sense decided to bring in content marketing and PR agency Three-sixty to handle its digital media presence in a more cohesive, joined up way. Working closely with the Sense team to identify thought leaders within the business, Three-sixty put together a digital marketing strategy spearheaded by the generation of journalistically led web content, implementing a process that made it quick and easy for key members of the Sense team to write blogs, while also driving the creation of news and case studies across the agency.

With content production up and running, Three-sixty took on the running of the Sense website content management system to maintain a regular flow of activity, attracting and engaging visitors, and boosting organic search engine optimisation.

Three-sixty also assumed the management of Sense’s social media activity, sharing the agency’s blogs, case studies and news through Twitter and LinkedIn, along with a regular feed of key news stories from across marketing. Yet more value was gained from the content through the launch of a monthly e-newsletter to key contacts.

Finally, Three-sixty forged key relationships with journalists both in the marketing sector and in Sense’s vertical markets, such as publishing and food and beverage. Setting up meetings between editors and senior Sense staff, the agency was able to raise awareness of its new innovative positioning. Meanwhile, Three-sixty also shared the agency’s news, blogs and case studies across relevant media for publication, to boost its profile and prove its expertise with the people who matter – its potential clients.

Within the first sixth months of its partnership with Three-sixty, Sense’s presence and influence across social and industry media grew exponentially. What’s more, two key thought leaders from within the business gained prominence in key media as authorities in their fields, through a host of blog publications across a range of media, one of which became the most read online blog for leading title Marketing Magazine.

As well as raising the profile of the Sense throughout the marketing and advertising industry and its vertical markets, and positioning the agency clearly as an expert and thought leader in its field, as well as an innovator, increasing enquiries in general, Three-sixty’s work led to a direct business win. The seeding of news and a case study about a successful subscriptions campaign for The Economist magazine across the marketing media, and in particular in a vertical title What’s New In Publishing, led to a direct enquiry from the renowned National Geographic magazine.

Sense says
Planning Director Alex Smith, who’s blog topped Marketing’s readership chart, comments: “The coverage we have received across key media over the past six months has been incredible, raising our profile hugely. It has provided a great platform to launch our new positioning and we’ve been able to communicate and articulate our new philosophy and approach to the industry through the media itself, which is far more valuable and credible than advertising – at a fraction of the cost. Three-sixty’s holistic approach – they are essentially an extension of our team, and know the agency as well as anyone on the team – has also proved that it directly drives business. It’s great that the media now actually look forward to receiving content from us.”

Media coverage and engagement:
– More than 4 articles a month in key media
– 5 meetings with editors of leading marketing media
– One of the most read articles in Marketing’s history achieving:

  • 3,400 Facebook shares
  • 797 Tweets
  • 597 LinkedIn shares

Social media:
– 500 new Twitter followers
– 10,000 more impressions a month on average (three-fold increase)
– Tripling of profile visits to around 1,000 a month
– 125 new LinkedIn followers (increase of 25%)
– 3,500 monthly LinkedIn impressions (more than doubled in past 6 months)
– 50 monthly engagements (more than quadrupled in past 6 months)

– 45% opening rate for e-newsletter

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