Ian Whiteling and Pete Roythorne’s marketing and media background is based around communication rather than sales. And as experienced journalists they tell a strong and engaging story. Then they discovered video and social networks and suddenly had all the tools in place to seamlessly blend web content and social media to create a powerful audience engagement tool for companies and brands, further boosted by PR and events.

Why this works
Traditional one-way marketing and advertising is being rendered ineffective by the growth of a fragmented, multi-channel media landscape and a business and consumer audience that’s media and marketing savvy, can spot a sell a mile away and doesn’t like what it sees.

Today, the key to success in our increasingly competitive business climate is based on building trust, reputation and loyalty. This is no longer about seeing who can shout the loudest, but about engaging in direct communication with your target audience and placing the customer at the centre of everything you do.

standoutStanding out from the crowd
To cut through the marketing and advertising cacophony and reach an audience cowering in the corner and covering its ears, you must think smarter. You need to use all the means at your disposal to prove to your target audience that you are worth listening to. You have to give value and prove your credentials by building stronger relationships with your customers and prospects through engagement and interaction rather than direct selling.

Joined up thinking
Individually web content, social media, PR and events are useful marketing tools. But bring them all together strategically and you have something far more powerful – Direct Digital Dialogue with your target audience.

This is what Pete and Ian do… And Ian and Pete are three-sixty