More than just video testimonials, EVENT TV adds strategic value to your audience through delivering key insight to increase engagement, raise profile, boost kudos, build loyalty and generate revenue

  • Extends the reach of your event
  • Creates a new lucrative revenue stream
  • Adds significant value for your attendees and stakeholders
  • Turns your event into a 24/7/365 live and online experience

AIBTMFrontsting_webEVENT TV delivers a web channel alongside your event full of insightful content for your target audience created from reports and interviews shot on the ground.

Each video is a professionally produced mini-documentary focusing on a key aspect of your event or your industry.

These can be hosted on your event’s website, sent out in daily e-alerts and shared through social media during the event. This adds serious value to your attendee’s experience, who can access the content online and through their mobile devices. Just as importantly, it extends the reach of your event to those unable to attend and the broader global industry.

This valuable video content then remains online after the event, promoting the next one, attracting website visitors and boosting search engine optimisation – essentially transforming your event into a 24/7/365 live and virtual experience.

And it doesn’t have to cost you a penny – in fact, it can act as a new revenue stream.

That’s because the video content provides the perfect platform for sponsorship.

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