Screen shot 2015-01-28 at 19.56.32Macbeth Insurance and Financial Services

Macbeth Insurance wanted to use its website to engage more effectively with its target audience of businesses and wealthy individuals and families, while also showing its expertise in both insurance and financial management.

Macbeth’s branding agency Greenfisher approached Three-sixty to create a web content strategy, which would also work across social media, and in addition connect with relevant media to raise Macbeth’s profile, particularly in its new field of financial services.

Three-sixty worked with the Macbeth team of experts to create a knowledge hub on the company’s new website featuring a series of blogs offering key tips and insight to consumers and businesses focused on the company’s key specialisms in both insurance and financial services. These add value to visitors to the website, retain their interest and prove Macbeth’s professional credentials. The blogs will also be shared with relevant media as thought leadership content and through social media, linking back to the website to drive traffic. The content also boost’s the website’s natural search engine optimisation, helping to raise Macbeth up the Google rankings.

Click here for the business section of Macbeth’s knowledge hub.

Click here for the consumer section of Macbeth’s knowledge hub.

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